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Launching "Kampung Perca Kota Bogor"

December 2021

Adrie Basuki is one of the initiators of The Zero Waste village in Bogor named Kampung Perca. Kampung perca was launched in 2021 by Governor of west Java, Bapak Rdwan Kamil, Bogor Mayor and Vice Mayor, Bapak Bima Arya and Baoak Dedie Rachim. You may visit Kampung Perca to experience the beauty of zero waste process, meeting the women artisan and having lunch at the venue. Kampung Perca is located at Desa Sindangsari, Tajur Bogor.

Kampug Perca is really align with the spirit of Adrie Basuki’s Brand DNA: Zero Waste Process and Women Empowerment. Since the very beginning of its opening, the women artisan has been growing from 15 to 35 women artisan.

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